Dear Friends,

The interim time in a parish offers an opportunity for the community to discover its passion for the mission Christ gives to us. It is a time full of promise and possibility. Traveling with you in this interim journey is my joy and privilege. As we make the interim journey the community will have ample opportunity to remember the amazing gifts of grace that have been part of the congregation’s life and to envision the future mission of the St. John’s  community.

In this interim journey all of us will have ministries to carry out. I will serve as your pastor and priest. The regular cycle of St. John’s life will carry on without interruption. You will discover that I ask lots of questions. All of those questions and conversations seek to help you to become ever clearer about God’s vision for St. John’s, and your mission to live into that vision. Your vestry led by the Wardens will continue to provide leadership for the parish while the search committee discerns the future mission of the parish and seeks the leader to partner with you in that mission.

The anticipation of beginning this work is almost overwhelming. I am trying to be patient(but patience is not one of my great strengths). Getting to know the members of the community is my first priority. I ask your help in this task. Then I want to learn the rhythms and patterns of life in the parish, and the history of St. John’s.

John, my partner of nearly 25 years, and I are looking forward to settling into life in the Aptos area. We look forward to discovering the delights and pleasures of the area that all of you know about but may not be obvious to the casual visitor. We will on the hunt for really good craft beer and barbecue.

My daughters Elizabeth and Susannah look forward to visiting in Aptos, most likely during the winter. Elizabeth is a writer living in New York and Susannah manages restaurants in Philadelphia.

I am looking forward our interim journey together.

Merritt Greenwood

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