Confirmation by Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves at St John Episcopal Church, Aptos, CA

It is hard to be and remain a Christian alone. Faith grows best in community. Community nurtures, nourishes and nudges faith. Confirmation is a time when our teens make a commitment to nurture their faith and the community makes a commitment to support their faith lives. As a community we lift up our youth in celebration of their decision to make a mature commitment to Christ. In this time of blossoming of faith, our young people receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by our bishop.

Teens seeking to be confirmed must be baptized and attend a confirmation formation class during the six weeks of Lent. To learn more about confirmation, contact our church office.

Adults seeking confirmation are asked to participate in RCIA, an adult program for those seeking, exploring, and claiming their faith, held during the six weeks of Lent (late winter/early spring).