2016 Vestry

2016 Vestry

The vestry is the governing body and vision bearers of the congregation. They work with the rector to discern God’s will and provide oversight for the church, its ministries and its staff. Vestry members are Parishioners elected by the congregation at the annual meeting for a three-year term.

The vestry is led by a senior warden (chosen by the rector) and a junior warden (elected by the vestry). The senior and junior warden keep a pulse on parish life and support the rector in nurturing the vitality and health of the congregation.

Each vestry member serves as a liaison to a vital ministry of the parish, offering support, guidance and financial oversight.

Vestry 2017

Class Vestry Member Liaison Area
2017 Vicky Wilson Building & Grounds
Debra Spencer Worship
2018 Jon Showalter Outreach & Helpful Shop
Andrea Seitz Jr. Warden
Eileen Fernald Hospitality
Suzanne Krakover-Nickel Stewardship & Parish Life
Peter Goodman Children & Youth
 2019 Bill Kell Senior Warden
Anne Baker Finance
Rick Becton Newcomers
Gina Muller Adult Education