On June 21, 2009 The Episcopal Church of St John the Baptist moved to its present campus in the Seacliff neighborhood of Aptos. The parish had been in a small Carpenter Gothic chapel on Depot Hill in Capitola since 1898.

The campus is the first of three phases. However, the new campus has allowed St John’s to greatly expand in many ways. Since this was a “green field” project one of our primary design criteria was to have a completely accessible and barrier-free campus.

Almost immediately St John’s was able to expand our activities in musical concerts, social events and offering our facility to other organizations for their continuing programs. We are now more involved in the local community.

Being a good steward of the environment was a key part of our design.

  • Our paved surfaces are of special material that allows water to percolate into the ground instead of running down the storm drain.
  • A water collection system that feeds into a 30,000 gallon underground storage tank. The water is then used throughout the dry season for our landscaping.
  • Drought tolerant/low water need landscaping throughout the 2.5 acre campus.
  • Extensive use of natural lighting through the award winning architecture.
  • No garbage disposals in our commercial kitchen.

Please join us in your spiritual journey in this wonderful facility given to the glory of God. We are glad to share our plans for the future of this Episcopal Church in Seacliff in Aptos.

New Episcopal Church, Aptos New Episcopal Church, Aptos The Episcopal Church of St John the Baptist New, The Episcopal Church of St John the Baptist