Steve Ellis at the Episcopal Church of St John Aptos, Seacliff, Santa Cruz

Our Vision

At St. John’s we explore faith, exercise gifts and engage our world. We gather in worship, small groups and Scripture study to experience the power of God’s transforming love. We follow Jesus’ call to love one another. We encourage each other to see as Jesus sees and to love as Jesus loves. Our response to this call leads us down many paths where we embrace the needs and concerns of each other and the world as our own.

Our Mission Statement

The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist welcomes all to worship God and to share Christ’s love in the world. We are a parish family committed to provide liturgy, Bible study, music, counseling, and Christian education for children youth and adults, and to equip all our members for life and for service to others.

God’s Will: We hope to be a center for learning about God and living with God in our lives. We come here to discern God’s will more clearly and feel his love.

Service: We hope to be living examples of the beliefs we hold. We accept God’s challenge to use the gifts he has given us to reach out and serve others.

Communication: We hope to communicate effectively the Gospel to one another, those searching for Christ, and those with no awareness of God.

Living: We hope to learn of and experience the abundance of life in Jesus and to share the pleasure, surprise and adventure of knowing Him.

Inviting Participation: We hope to encourage everyone to participate fully in the life of our parish family.

Interdependence: We hope to use our God-given individual abilities in ways that make us stronger and able to accomplish what we could not do alone.

Safe Community: We hope our community is a trustworthy haven where we can share all aspects our lives and be healed.

Youth: We hope to encourage youth to discover for themselves how to walk in God’s way and serve others.

Worship: We hope to glorify and please God by celebrating our Anglican rituals and traditions in the liturgy.

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Our Strategic Directions

On July 14, 2011 St. John’s Vestry accepted and approved a strategic planning document entitled Strategic Directions 2011 – 2021.  St. John’s Strategic Planning Team and Vestry will be actively monitoring and updating our plans to ensure that we incorporate what we have learned into our ministry areas on an annual and ongoing basis.  We are excited about our plans and wish to share them.

Download PDF of Our Strategic Directions

Our Parish Profile

In 2016, as part of the rector search process,  a profile of St. Johns was developed.

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